Oncology Esthetics

Oncology esthetics promotes the wellness and quality of life of people with cancer. The aim is to provide advice on products, beauty treatments and massages to those who are following oncological therapies, to take care of their image both from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

Taking care of yourself and your image can promote a positive attitude which helps to alleviate the side effects of therapies.

Manicure & Pedicure

There are numerous side effects on the nails: fragility, thickness, discoloration, pigmentation, and so on. The treatments that I propose aim at slowing down the degenerative process by improving the nail layer. I use nail polishes free of formaldehyde, toluene and camphor, guaranteeing total respect for the health of patients.


The importance of a loving and aware touch to relax body and mind. Its main purpose is comfort and relaxation, to give emotional support and to alleviate the state of pain and the side effects of therapies.


During the therapies, the skin functions are greatly impaired due to the side effects of the drugs. A Dermocosmetic Consultation aims to reduce the main symptoms, such as dehydration and irritation, through the use of specific creams formulated with soothing and emollient ingredients.

Not all cosmetic products on the market are suitable for people undergoing cancer treatment. My job is also to give the right information about the substances to avoid that can interfere with the success of the treatments.

Customized corrective make-up

During the make-up sessions, the person can also learn how to draw eyebrows.